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New York Personal Injury Law Firm Isaacson, Schiowitz, & Korson, LLP
Isaacson, Schiowitz, & Korson, LLP

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Personal injury includes any injury that was caused by the negligence of another. In order to collect compensation for your injuries, it must be proven that the wrongdoer failed to exercise the level of care required as determined by law and that the victim's injuries were caused by the wrongdoer's carelessness. For personal injury cases, a victim may receive compensatory damages that usually cover past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages and damages for past and future pain and suffering. Pain and suffering damages can be awarded to compensate the victim for emotional and physical suffering, embarrassment, inconvenience, etc.

If you're looking for experienced outstanding personal injury lawyers in New York City, contact New York Personal Injury Lawyers Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP. today. for a FREE consultation at 1 800 649 6557 or submit an online questionnaire. If we agree to handle your case, there will be no legal fee unless we are successful in getting you money. Your lawsuit must be filed before the statute of limitations expires; otherwise, it may be barred forever. So please call or Contact us right away so that you do not lose your rights to compensation.

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New York Personal Injury Law Firm Isaacson, Schiowitz, & Korson, LLP


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