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Wayne Greenwald, PC

99 Park Avenue
Suite 800
New York, New York, 10016

Phone: 212-983-1922
Fax:     212-973-9494

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Wayne Greenwald, P.C., enjoys a wealth of experience in representing the entire spectrum of parties-in-interest in debtor/creditor scenarios and cases under the Bankruptcy Code. The firm’s attorneys have represented, in creditors' rights and bankruptcy proceedings, money center banks, insurance companies, members of the Fortune 500 and Forbes 500, the ministry of defense of a foreign sovereign, indenture trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, debtors, debtors-in-possession, secured creditors, investors, creditors' committees and equity security holders' committees.

As bankruptcy and creditors’ rights professionals, we do not see bankruptcy as a sign of failure or forfeiture. We recognize it as a strategy or “tool box” for debtors and creditors to readjust their relationships according to their financial realities and strengths. For investors, bankruptcy cases offer numerous opportunities to acquire undervalued or discounted assets.

Our refusal to limit our practice to debtors, creditors, trustees or investors benefits all of our clients. Maintaining a broad range of practice enables us to better anticipate the responses of competing parties in cases and plan accordingly.

Wayne Greenwald, P.C., attorneys have been outside counsel to United States District Court and New York State Court judges, provided guidance to various agencies in the New York State Attorney General's office, lectured to law schools, judges and professional associations regarding aspects of the Bankruptcy Code, bankruptcy litigation and debtor/creditor law. Wayne Greenwald has authored and edited treatises and articles on bankruptcy and creditors’ rights.

Wayne Greenwald was recently co-chair of the American Bankruptcy Institute’s Commercial Fraud Task Force. He is now assistant chair of the Defense Research Institute Special Litigation Group on Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy.

We have also represented clients in connection with bankruptcy, collection of judgments and accounts, commercial frauds, RICO and the interaction between bankruptcy and criminal issues. Some of our forms and procedures have been prototypes in the bankruptcy and creditors' rights areas.

Members of the bankruptcy/creditors' rights group have been involved in numerous notable bankruptcy cases and related proceedings.

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New York Bankruptcy Lawyer Wayne Greenwald, PC


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